Our Story

Peppermint Preschool in Spring Grove, IL was built and managed by Ken and Doris Wanagas. They previously also owned and operated Peppermint Stick Preschool in Antioch, IL.

Living in Spring Grove themselves and seeing many of the families commuting from the McHenry county area, in 2003 they decided it was time to build a center closer to home.

Doris has been working in childcare for over 35 years and had always wanted to own her own daycare and preschool center while Ken was a land surveyor who loved to help any one he could. Combining their passions, Ken helped to design a building made fit to be a preschool for Doris to continue her love for teaching and guiding. If you look closely at the brick in the front of the building, you can even see where the builders helped to sneak in an “A, B, and C” into the construction of the outside walls.

Since 2003, the Wanagas family has continued to run Peppermint Preschool and make it their mission to offer the community an early learning center where kids can have fun.