Peppermint Preschool
an early learning center where kids can have fun.
Owned and Operated by Doris and Ken Wanagas
Located at 2850 Rt 12 in Spring Grove, IL

Our multi level, multi skill play fort, and one of two yard spaces,
where the children can gain confidence, increase
their large motor skills and improve their perspective
" while they are just having fun" .

We also have the toddler yard space

where the young can play in a quieter area with a sandbox and smaller toys.

Pictured below is our building - if you look very close you'll see A B C across the face in the brick and much like the structure itself there are features that are not readily apparent, unless you look really close. Our building is made of brick and the walls are steel reinforced. The roof is an all steel structure, and the internal hallway provides additional structural integrity. Building like this is more expensive and structurally sound than building with wood, wood framed roof, however we felt that it was worth the extra expense to build safer. We hope that no one has to deal with severe weather, fire, or other disasters, but we have done our best to address them before they could become a factor. We continue to do the best we can for the care and safety of your children even if it's not always readily apparent.

*** We've known that Children learn better when they're enjoying it - ***
That's why the sign over the door and our personal directive has always beenů

"an early learning center where kids can have fun"

Thanks, Doris and Ken Wanagas, and all of Peppermint Preschool

Through Our doors pass many Unique, Precious,
"Snowflakes" each one Special in their own way

We're open 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday Through Friday,
All Year
( except just a few holidays )

We care for Children 6 weeks through 12 Years of age,
We've been Part of the community for over 30 Years ,
We serve the Public Schools in Spring Grove, Richmond, and Ringwood.


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