Peppermint Preschool

Reviews, References, Ratings

We are proud that Peppermint Preschool has had the opportunity
to serve the community for decades.

We work hard every day to earn that trust.
We have had Parents who attended as children bring their
children here when they needed childcare.
We have had children who attended Peppermint Preschool grow up
to come back as teachers.
All of which is an incredible honor for us.

We would like anyone who may be interested in bringing
their child here to stop in and visit,
bring their children and see what we are like.

Visitors are welcome anytime,
however a call to Doris will help schedule around the children's
nap time, where they need quiet, or lunch time when it gets very busy.

We are open almost 12 hours a day,
nearly every weekday, year around.

Being here every day, all day is something that parents rely on.
We have only closed once in our history, due to blizzard conditions.

We serve the Public Schools in Spring Grove, Richmond and Ringwood
which we consider excellent schools.

Our teachers work hard each day, not only in direct care
for the children, but teaching them each day as evident by
the outstanding results Our children achieve on the pre-K entrance
tests given by the public schools.
The children who attended Peppermint test at the top of the entrance
classes and We have seen this positive experience carry forward
through grade school and beyond

We have hundreds of satisfied parents and children
over decades, and their references mean a lot to us.
We have teachers who do a great job every day,
and We appreciate them.

Even the best teachers move on at times as their families
grow up or other family changes and relocations occur.
We are grateful they were here with us,
and good teachers are always welcome back.

If you would like a real life reference please ask and We will
request permission from parents, with a similar age child,
to give their names and contact information out.
Generally if you ask many of your neighbors you will find they
already bring their kids here or if their kids are grown up they have
attended Peppermint in the past.

We keep an open door policy with the children that attended here
and know us. We like them to know this is a safe place to go
to just visit or if they are ever in doubt about where to go
till They/We can contact Mom, Dad, Grandparents or Guardians.

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Peppermint Preschool