Peppermint Preschool
Owned and Operated by Doris and Ken Wanagas
Computers, Video, Games and Outside Activities-


We Currently have Several computers and continually update their capacity and
operating systemsso they can handle the latest programs and games
can keep the Kids pretty busy while learning and having a lot of fun.


We have a large well fenced play yard with lots to do, ride on, climb on and slide down.
We do go outside at almost every opportunity year round, However there are times when
the Kids really enjoy the inside activity - The Winter of course presents its limitations for
outside, But the Summer also provides plenty of weather to work around - sometimes
Thunderstorms, or sometimes just the prolonged heat and high huimidity.

Some times it seems like the best Snow Fort or play snow is always at the end of
the driveway or some place that's not safe for the kids to play on.
Well - We fixed that by moving a snow hill into the fenced backyardso the kids
can have a blast! - in the safety of the backyard.

Our Summer Camp activities centered around the School Age Kids:

After some fun, but long hot days, field trips, swimming, A Popsicle or Root Beer
float afternoon with some inside ( Air Conditioned! ) Computer Games or a Quiet
afternoon watching some of the latest videos doesn't sound bad at all -

- To the Kids and Teachers alike!

You'll Have to see our "Lava Rockers" room in Spring Grove !


We also have Several Video areas which include TV's, VCR's and Now DVD's, Video games etc. -
Its hard to list, because keeping up with latest means frequent additions, and rentals.
We Generally also let the Kids bring their favorite Tapes, DVD's or Video Games,
as long as the content is acceptable to all ages. We do promote the use of learning and
educational programs and videos.

Board Games

With all this Tech "Stuff" let's not forget Board Games.
The kids really do enjoy many different "Board Games" beginning with checkers
and continuing right down the line. There are many, many games they enjoy -
Sometimes the Kids just need a little more guidance to get started in that direction
to remember how much fun These Games really are.