Peppermint Preschool

Information and Notes for You

2014 -At Peppermint Preschool we've been busy days of course, but also evenings and weekends.
......There is the standard continuing education - but above and beyond that... We'd like to take this moment to Let you know what else is going on here in education, that you otherwise wouldn't see in the actual classroom. Doris and Myself and Our teachers are putting in hundreds of hours of education time, besides the 6:30am to 6:00pm. We just finished up Two Weekends in class in Dekalb on the "Creative Curriculum" to top off our summer. The result is always a continuing advancement and refinement of Our Care for Our Children.

"CPR" and First Aid Note:

Many of Us continue with in house recertification on CPR - Adult, Child, and Infant - and a recertification course on First Aid with specific attention to children and The Childcare setting - after all many Children are with Us most of their waking ( and many of their napping ) hours during the week, and Children are active, have allergies, and special factors affecting them wherever they are.

After decades of CPR and First Aid We can highly recommend the training to everyone - Our own Children became certified in CPR and First Aid at a young age, and have made good use of the training on at least one occasion.

And as Adults, with the training it's easier to maintain composure in any emergency and deal directly with the situation at hand, Over the years that has been usefull on the Roads, on the Lakes and even during Vacations.
Just a note - for your information ...

We designed Our New Spring Grove Facility from the ground up, arranging the rooms to provide more direct access from everywhere, The Building is brick and has steel wall studs and steel roof framing systems specifically for Fire safety. There is direct outside access by a door from each classroom into the fenced play area, and access to the interior hallways (which have been kept to a minimum) and the main exit ways which will be used daily, providing a means for Access and Escape while keeping Security an issue. There are many, many more issues we consider daily, along with working with the many regulators and agencies to do Our best for Your Kids -

We just thought you may take comfort in knowing a few of them.
Doris and Ken Wanagas